Doc’s is seriously good food, formed in 2015 for the purpose of delivering the highest quality food in an inviting atmosphere for a fair price. We are committed to serving all natural, hormone and antibiotic free beef, chicken, turkey, ham, and roast beef. We prepare fresh vegetables and dressings daily. At Doc’s you can choose any toppings for your burger, chicken sandwich, oven baked subs, salad or wrap and get it freshly prepared for you. You could also choose from one of the Doc’s prescriptions.

An early unnamed concept of the restaurant offered customers made to order salads, wraps, soups and sandwiches. While telling friends and family about the concept everyone kept asking me the same question, “no burgers?” My father finally asked me “You’ve been in hamburger restaurant kitchens since before you could walk, ran a hamburger restaurant for years, you basically have a doctorate in hamburgers, but you’re not going to put them on your menu?” Two things came out of that conversation, I had the eventual name of the restaurant and I decided to include burgers in the mix of seriously good food at Doc’s

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